The Anglo-Dutch Partnership

There were 40,438 Dutch expats living in the UK recorded in the 2001 UK but recent estimates suggest the number could now be at 56,000. The number of Dutch-born migrants in the UK is not a recent influx however, the Anglo-Dutch relations have been going strong for centuries, with an important partnership based on economics and politics.

Despite a tumultuous history owing to the Anglo Dutch wars in the 17th and 18th centuries in order to gain territory for colonial expansion and trade routes, the Anglo Dutch partnership has strengthened with the years, the two countries were fierce allies in the Second World War, with many Dutch pilots and officers escaping the Low Countries to form part of the British forces, notably a number of pilots fought in the Battle of Britain. Queen Wilhelmina along with the Dutch government found refuge in the United Kingdom after the German invasion of the Netherlands in 1940.

Evidence of this powerful alliance between the United Kingdom and the Netherlands can be found in London where there are a number of Dutch organisations, for example, the Anglo-Netherlands Society which has been running for 95 years! Dutch Org in London is probably the most comprehensive website for Dutch expats hoping to find events, societies and networking opportunities.