My Old Dutch: Now Offers Gluten Free Pancakes

My Old Dutch is an original pancake house that was established in 1958 between Covent Garden and the West End. The pancake house offers an array of both savoury and sweet pancakes and they have recently included the option to serve gluten-free pancakes too, the flour blend is a special mix of rice, tapioca, buckwheat, maize and potato.

Potterjes: The Dutch Pancake

It is thought that the earliest evidence of Dutch pancake recipes can be found in De Verstandige Kock (“The Sensible Cook”) compiled in 1669. The recipes were entitled “common pancakes” and “the best kind of pancake” which included crucial ingredients like sugar, cloves, cinnamon, mace and nutmeg. These pancakes are made with yeast and buckwheat flour which gives them their light spongy texture and differentiates them from the American pancake.

Organic & Fairtrade Dutch Biscuits

The Dutch love their biscuits, especially when spices are involved. Speculaas are among the favourite of the Dutch with the biscuits tins piled high especially at Christmas time. But where can Dutch expats living in London get their hands on their favourite biscuits?

Fortunately, Steven Dosch launched his company The Speculaas Spice Company back in May 2014 after discovering his grandmother’s spice mix. The spice mix in question contains a perfectly balanced mix of 9 organise spices including cinnamon, ginger and cloves amongst others to give the biscuits their signature kick.