Dutch Design Influence In The UK

Due to the historical connections between the United Kingdom and The Netherlands, there are many notable Dutch influences in British architecture, most notably in London. The best examples of this is Kensington Palace, the main residences of King William III and Mary II. The King was a Dutchman and missed his home country so converted the palace to appear aesthetically as Dutch as possible.

Dutch Design Masters Returns To London

The Netherlands continues to be an international powerhouse for design, particularly those graduating from Eindhoven Design School. Recently, the second edition of Dutch Design Masters took place in Mayfair, London. The idea is that every year a selection of Dutch specialist craftsmen are invited to meet London’s top residential designers in an intimate private event in London at the beginning of the summer season.

“It’s wonderful to see Dutch Design Masters returning for a second year. This even bigger and better edition will have more companies than ever before joining forces to showcase the best of Dutch design expertise to the UK market.” Mr Simon Smits, Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in London

The Design Museum Reopens In November

The Design Museum is set to reopen on High Street Kensington on 24 November 2016. tHE museum’s collection records the immense designs that have shaped the modern world we experience today. The collections spans all facets of design including: architecture, fashion, graphic and interior design.

Wim Crouwel: Modernist Principles

The impressive career of Dutch designer, teacher, curator and museum director Wim Crouwel spans six decades. Crouwel’s modernist approach to design combined both systematic principles and experimentation, making him one of the most important designers of the modern world.