Dutch Centre Presents: Second Edition Of Low Countries Film Festival

After the success of the first Low Countries Film Festival organised by the Dutch Centre in London, the second edition has been announced for the Autumn months. Kicking off on Tuesday 27th September and ending on 1st October, the centre promises a selection of this year’s best Dutch and Flemish films as well as a chance to meet the Dutch directors and producers in intimate Q & A sessions.

The first film announced for the opening night, “Publieke Werken” (Public Works)”, a story based on the award winning novel by late 19th century author Thomas Rosenboom. Set in Amsterdam in 1888 the story’s protagonist Walter Vedder (Gijs Scholten van Aschat) is a violin maker who is living in a small house opposite the newly built Central Station. Vedder’s cousin has a run in with the law due to unlawful practices at his pharmacy and the two work together to come up with a plan to get him off the hook.

The Dutch Centre have yet to announce the entire programme for the festival but it is set to be 5 nights of great entertainment (watch this space!) They have released a teaser trailer for “Publieke Werken”. Please note, the film will be shown in Dutch with English subtitles.