Summoning Sumo Wrestlers To The UK

Martial arts and Sumo are perhaps Japan’s most popular sporting exports. Sumo is a full-contact wrestling sport where two sumo wrestlers try to force one another out of the ring or dohyo. The practice has been around since the mid 19th century and Japan is the only country that practices it professionally. However, as with most of their culture, it has been exported to Europe and America. In fact, London has a British Sumo Federation, which is the official governing body of Sumo in the UK. Great Britain has pushed his Sumo athletes successfully and garnered World Championship medals. Although they already have professional wrestlers, they are open to anyone giving it a go.

Although the sport has very little following in the UK, the United Kingdom Sumo Association is trying to broaden its impact in the country. This means there is little support and authentic training in the UK due to the lack of direct Japanese training. However, they continue to promote the sport throughout the United Kingdom in the hopes to raise awareness and eventually be recognised overseas.