Snow and Ice Sports Rule Finland

Like with many other things, Finland does not miss out on sports. Their most popular sports are ice-hockey and Formula One, whereas sports to actually practice come in the form of football, Nordic walking, running and skiing. Where football is concerned, the Premier League has seen a handful of Finnish players parading their jerseys, however, none of them have been as successful as it is not the most popular sport in the country. Being a Nordic country, snow or ice sports are the norm. They, however, have their own national sport, called pesäpallo, which is a form of Finnish baseball.

The national sport has a presence in many countries, including Germany, Sweden, Australia and Canada. It has gained such popularity that every three years, since 1992, there is an International World Cup and a Finland-only Championship. However, the United Kingdom seems to pay no interest in the sport. Ice-hockey is a completely different story.

Although it is believed that the sport originated in Nova Scotia, Canada - brought over from British immigrants -, Finland has become a respectable opponent in the sport. In fact, the English Ice Hockey Association sends their junior boys and girls teams to Finland for camps and to learn greater skills from the skilled sportsmen from Finland. If all else fails, getting together with the Finnish community to cheer on the Finland national team in the ice hockey championships can be considered a sport in itself.