Fancy A Game Of Bandy?

No doubt that countries from the North excel a Winter sports. After all, they go through long winters that allow them full practice of these disciplines, giving them an unfair advantage over other countries. Norway has a long list of sports that are popular in the country including skiing, sled-dog racing, speed skating, cross-country skiing, ski jumping, curling, and ice hockey. However, they also have a long history of wrestling, cycling, shooting, karate, handball, rowing, football and more.

Bandy is something that England and Norway share in common, along with a handful of other countries around the world including India, Russia, Hungary and Sweden. Similar to hockey, the winter sport is played on ice, but it borrows from football in that every half lasts 45 minutes and there are 11 players on each team. Bandy has been played in Norway since the beginning of the 20th Century and although it suffered a decrease in players and spectators, in recent years it has been regaining popularity. Norwegian bandy aficionados are in luck when relocating to London, where the sport is also being reintroduced. England has now a national team in both men’s and women’s divisions and is currently competing to participate in the World Championships.