Beyond Martial Arts

China has exported so much to the occidental world that sports could not be left out. Martial Arts are probably their biggest export, however, the Asian country excels at a lot of sports, including diving, synchronised swimming, table tennis and archery, amongst others, as the Rio 2016 Olympic Games proved. Although martial arts is their biggest export, the Chinese communities are big fans of football and basketball. In fact, European football leagues are some of their favourite to watch.

When it comes to martial arts, a part of the culture dating back more than 4,000 years, they have dominated self-defence and military training. Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Qingong, Boxing and other exercises of the type have come from the ancient country. In fact, the export of the sports has propelled through cinema thanks to artists such as Jet Li, Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee.

Dragon boat racing is another very popular Chinese sport, which has found its way into London’s heart with the London Dragon Boat Festival that takes places every year. Dating back about 2000 years, the event showcases some of the best crews that race in dragon-decorated boats.