Camel Racing: The Million Dollar Market

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Saudi Arabia’s traditional sport used to be camel racing; however it’s safe to say that today’s most popular sport in Saudi Arabia is football. With the growth in popularity (and Qatar to be the first Arab and Muslim country to ever host the World Cup in 2022), Saudi Arabian footballers have also become better and grown in popularity. The Saudi Football Federation holds the Saudi Leagues and the Saudi Arabian Cup. With the recent connections to the western world, other sports have slowly become popular in the country, such as basketball, rugby and ice-hockey.

Camel racing, however, is just like horse racing and it takes place in countries such as Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, amongst many others. Interestingly enough, this sport has expanded to the United Kingdom. A few years ago, two specially trained camels and jockeys ran along Potters Field in the hopes to win a pass to Wembley to exhibit the game and winning camel (named Sarah) during a rugby match half-time. Since then, camels have been seen rushing to finish the course by the Tower Bridge. Camel racing has expanded through the UK and London for quite a few years now. In fact, Enfield Chance Hunt organises annual camel races during May for families to enjoy.

The market is worth millions - both in Saudi Arabia and the UK -, which means it won’t be stopping anytime soon. It might just become as popular in Britain as football has in Saudi Arabia.