Munch’s Contemporary: The Forgotten Artist

Edvard Munch was perhaps the most known expressionist from Norway. His work has been showcased and proclaimed worldwide. However, his contemporary, Nikolai Astrup was just as impressive as Munch. Forgotten with time, he was never exposed outside of his home country, until last year when London picked him up. His eerie but colourful representations of Norwegian landscapes made it into the Dulwich Picture Gallery of London. Although he was only exhibited for a few months last year, it opens up the doors for other forgotten Norwegian painters to be seen by UK audiences.

Scandinavian Pop & Jazz Hitting The London Scene

Pixel returns to the UK again; it comes as no surprise, as their indie-rock take on improvisational jazz tunes has enchanted audiences in the country since their debut in 2010. Remaking jazz in their own image is what modern jazz is all about, and this band is doing exactly that. They will be performing at The Spice of Life in London in September.

Dagny, another musical gem from Norway, will also be taking to the stages of London once more. Her Scandinavian pop music has become an international hit. Although she’s London-based, her music is taking her across the pond to the USA, but before heading over this month, she’s already delighted London audiences at the Courtyard Theatre.