Steady, Ready, Tackle

It cannot be denied that New Zealand’s national sport is rugby. Although it was invented in Britain, NZ has dominated the sport for years. The All Blacks team is world-wide renowned and they have the best winning record of any national team in the world. However, other popular sports in the country are ice hockey, netball and football. The national football team has qualified for the FIFA World Cup every year since 1970.

However, rugby being their main sport, it comes as no surprise that many New Zealanders play in UK rugby leagues. Such is the case with Ben Franks, Will Lloyd, Mike Coman and James Marshall who currently sport the London Irish RFC jersey as part of the English Rugby Union. For those who cannot stay away from the sport, the London Rugby League plays in and around London and tickets are always available.

There is also a London New Zealand Rugby Club which provides visitors to London (mainly New Zealanders) with the chance to play rugby. Besides New Zealanders, the club hosts other nationalities such as British, Australian and South African.