Is New Zealand’s Coffee Really The Best?

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Craving some Toffee Pops or Tim Tams? There is a place to find them in the UK. Sanza sells all types of goods and yummies from New Zealand, Australia and South Africa. From chips to chocolates, from cider to beer, you will find a ton of imported delicacies from your home country at their online shop. However, if you want an experience that will have you say “be still my beating Kiwi heart”, then you must check out the following:

For Amazing Kiwi Coffee

Try Sacred Café, which serves top-notch New Zealand gourmet coffee, herbal teas and tasty food. Another great option is Zealand Road Coffee Shop which serves delicious Aussie and Kiwi coffee and some mouthwatering puddings to go along.

For Great Meals and Kiwi Atmosphere

Butter Beans is a Kiwi café in Richmond which serves “creative, funky, rustic, chilled café” in an all-around fun Kiwi atmosphere. They also serve breakfast, lunch, smoothies and puddings to complete the experience.

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One of London-based New Zealanders’ favourite spots is GBK (Gourmet Burger Kitchen). The brainchild of three Kiwi guys, the chain now holds over 70 restaurants throughout the UK. Their handcrafted burgers, which are reminiscent of their Kiwi days, are nothing short of delicious.

For Drinks and Fun

While this bar is not from New Zealand, it is always packed with Kiwis. Belushi’s is a sports bar in London perfect for sports fans. However, Kiwis in London has teamed up with Belushi’s for many Kiwi-related events. Besides, it never hurts to know a good sports bar to catch the rugby matches, right?