Fashionable Interior Design

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New Zealand isn’t only all about architecture and the legacy they leave behind. They have a creative bubble of emerging, up and coming engineers who apply their technological and manufacturing knowledge to design. Resident is a design company from New Zealand whose innovation has led them to be showcased at the London Design Festival. It wasn’t just an overall achievement to get there, but the fact that it was during the year they were established, 2011, made it a whole bigger deal.

Their range of furniture is elegant, simple and functional and is now available at a range of of top-quality stores in London such as The Conran Shop. Last year, they were also exhibited at the Old Selfridges Hotel for a month and were also invited to release a new collection of Lighting and Furniture at the ICFF New York, which forms part of a worldwide exhibition, Connecting Dots, that takes place at the Clerkenwell Design Week in London. They are perhaps the most representative design company from New Zealand in the UK.