Family Fun, Cultural Learning

There is a big boom of New Zealanders in the UK. However, most activities - a lot of wine tasting - seem to be catering only to those over the age of 18. Children wanting to connect with their culture might seem left out, which is why as parents, finding events that are suitable for your children is important.

The group Manaia, brings the best of the Maori culture to the UK through events, birthdays, weddings and more. If you find yourself organising a fun event for your children, their school or something similar, hiring these professionals could help them feel connected to their country. The company is based in London as is available for hire for private parties (which would be perfect if you want to invite your London friends to celebrate Waitangi Day with them and share your culture), festivals and others.

Although many Waitangi Day celebrations in London are pub crawls or hitting the streets of London dressed as actual kiwis, there are a handful of things to do for families. Many New Zealand cafés and restaurants celebrate the special day, which you can visit with your family for a nice traditional lunch and enjoy the company of other Kiwis. You can also check out when (and if) the Maõri Ratpack is playing in London soon, go check out one of the many rugby games (and when the All Blacks play, make sure you and your children hit one of the sports bars and restaurants to hang out with other aficionado Kiwis), and wait around for the Australia & New Zealand Festival of Literature and Arts, where there is a plethora of activities related to the arts to do.