Mexico’s “Border City” Vision At The London Design Biennale

border Mexico & US.jpg

The colossal border separating two great countries spans six Mexican states and four U.S states; it is one of the world’s most important borders. These boundary states are home to over 100 million people, creating a melting pot of cultures, language and trade opportunities.

The Mexican entry to the London Design Biennale addresses the notion of “The Border City”; both the positive and negative impact of the meeting of these two powerful frontiers. Fernando Romero, the great grandson of Mexican developer Alejandro Romero Lesbros and son-in-law of Mexican billionaire, Carlos Slim, will be heading the Mexico team, showcasing his urban prototype design.


The idea behind Romero’s “Border City” plan is to suggest a new model for the future growth and development of these cities, one that is conducive to both sides drawing upon the combined strengths rather than focussing on what divides them. Romero’s installation emphasises the need to combine efforts rather than divide them to deal with our rapidly globalising world.

Mexican contributions to London’s first ever Design Biennale have been provided by The Embassy of Mexico in the United Kingdom, acting as the administering body for the design teams: FR-EE | Fernando Romero EnterprisE, Pentagram and BuroHappold.