A Sip Of Agave & A Taste of Mexican Street Food

The strong but delicious taste of tequila and mezcal has managed to make its way around the world in no time. Some down the shots without hesitation, but true Mexicans know that tequila and mezcal is meant to be savoured slowly.

Likewise, the tempting Mexican gastronomy from the Yucatan area - where many vacation and not many taste - is a party for your taste buds. Luckily, both the Mayan cuisine and the Jalisco and Oaxaca region liquors have carved their way into London’s heart.



Jalisco and Oaxaca In A Shot

Now in its third year, the one and only Tequila and Mezcal festival is back to give you a sip of the delicious agave products, original from Jalisco and Oaxaca states, as well as a taste the amazing Mexican gastronomy and access to some beautiful handcrafted arts. Brands such as Don Julio, Patrón and Amores will be present in the festival where you will be transported to Mexico through a sip of tequila or mezcal.


Spices: Mexico’s Signature Style

To accompany the delicious taste of carefully crafted tequila and mezcal, the festival will offer an array of Mexican street food elegantly served as chic dishes. Have a taste of pork pastor tacos, or try a delicious chicken in green sauce tamal. If you’re searching for something different, head on over to try some delicious tortas, and no, they are not cakes, but rather, a type of baguette. Whatever food you try, make sure you bathe it in Mexico’s signature: spicy sauces.