Mexicans Thrive Abroad, London Hosts Biggest Expat Community

Mexico and the United Kingdom have enjoyed a healthy and formal relationship throughout the years. Almost two hundred years ago, Mexico’s president Benito Juarez advised Great Britain that foreign debt would not be paid for two years due to the lack of financial fluidity in the country. Not wanting to start a war, the United Kingdom settled for an IOU promise and continued cultivating the relations between both nations.

That has been the only noticeable hiccup between both countries, and Mexican communities have thrived in London ever since. Today, the Mexican-born population that once settled in the UK is now well into its second generation of UK-born Mexicans, never losing sight of their origins.

Students Searching For Opportunities Abroad

According to a census by the Institute for Mexicans Abroad, a whopping 40% of the Mexican-born population in the United Kingdom are students looking to enhance career opportunities with high-quality English higher education. Only 13% of the Mexican population in the United Kingdom are settled there with jobs, whereas the remaining population is made up of spouses and children.

With the availability of scholarships and partnership programmes allowing foreign students to study in the United Kingdom, London has become a shrine for exchange semesters for Mexican students looking to broaden their horizons.

London has the biggest community of Mexican expats and students stay behind in London in the hopes of landing a dream job and continuing life in the British capital. Many of these students who seldom forget where their origins are rooted, join communities that protest Mexican political issues in international grounds to be heard.