World Expat International and Les Collectionneurs Announce New Partnership

It is with great pleasure that World Expat International and Les Collectionneurs formerly known as Châteaux & Hôtels Collection ( & announce a new partnership. 


In this new partnership, World Expat International will represent the brand in the United Kingdom, acting as the exclusive UK development representative of Les Collectionneurs. Both firms believe that this represents an unparalleled opportunity to identify new properties and restaurants, adding them to the Les Collectionneurs pro-folio.

Since 1975, the President of Les Collectionneurs, Alain Ducasse (a world-renowned French Chef), has shared his love of the finer things in the form of Collections. With his extensive experience of travel throughout Europe, Mr. Ducasse has curated a Collection newly renamed Les Collectionneurs. This is comprised of an exquisite portfolio of charming luxury boutique hotels, castles, estates and gourmet restaurants which he has shared with those interested in experiencing the very best in luxury travel. 


World Expat International is an international marketing and PR company which focuses on Expat audiences, by providing a wide range of resources in supporting the cultures of seven continents living together in and around London. Through its project, World Expat connects people and promotes mutual business opportunities. As such, it is already working with the very people who are likely to appreciate and benefit from Les Collectionneurs.

Currently, Les Collectionneurs has two properties in the UK collection, Headlam Hall Country Hotel & Spa located in Darlington ( and LA Suite West ( located in London. If you are interested in joining the exquisite Collection curated by Les Collectionneurs in the United Kingdom (England, Ireland, Scotland or Wales), please contact Crystal Marie Pavelcik at in order to discuss affiliation options. If you feel that you would benefit from additional personal insight into Les Collectionneurs, we would be delighted to invite you to meet with us. 

To help in planning your next unique travel experience you can explore the existing Collection at