Beach Fun, Seafood & Royalty in Brighton

Brighton is directly south of London and only a 1:30 hour drive or a 50 minute train ride. We recommend the train ride as the scenery is gorgeous heading south of the city. Train fares are quite cheap if you take the slow train. It’s barely a half hour difference on the ride but hey, the extra pounds you save can go into a delicious ice cream by the beach. Who wouldn’t want that? Buses are also readily available to head south, which also offers a nice hour and a half drive to the city.

The beautiful city of Brighton has a lot to offer for a day trip, or even a weekend there. The Royal Pavilion, the Lanes, the beach - of course -, and the pier are just a few of the things you’ll be able to enjoy there.

Like Royalty

If you’re walking around Brighton towards the beach and run into a beautiful place that looks like it would better belong in India, you’ve reached the Royal Pavilion. Originally built for King George IV before becoming King as a summer house by the sea, the beautiful building has a lot on offer. You can take a lovely stroll through its beautifully-landscaped gardens, but the inside is just as astonishing. It has the Royal Bedrooms, the Music Room, the Prince Regent gallery, the Banqueting Room and much more. Admission is £12.30 and it is open from 10 am to 5:15 pm.

The Quirkiest Shops and Cafés

The Brighton Lanes are going to be the first things you stumble upon as you step off the train. They are literally narrow and twisting streets packed with shops, restaurants, bars and quirky gems. The main one, North Street, will lead you through to most Lanes, but make sure you visit North Laine, where you’ll find all sorts of unique speciality shops such as vintage clothes, antiques, jewellery, coffee shops and many other cafés. It’s quite impossible to leave Brighton without having at least taken a nice stroll through the Lanes and stopped for an ice cream or a delicious meal.

Highs and Lows at Brighton Pier

The fun is endless at Brighton Pier. If you’ve ever imagined hitting Venice Beach in LA to go on the Ferris Wheel, the Brighton Pier is its long-distance rival. Nobody said you can’t have this sort of fun at the beach. Although slightly costly, it is a fun thing to do if you’ve got the time and money for it. Roller coasters, trampolines, carousels and a fun arcade are the perfect way to end the day in Brighton. Besides, you’ll be able to have fish & chips, a nice cold drink and enjoy your time whether you’re visiting alone, with friends or with family.

Oh I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside

You didn’t travel over an hour south of London to not sit at the beach and enjoy the ocean, did you? It depends a lot on the time of year you visit whether you’ll be able to take a paddle in the cold water or just enjoy the many things there are to do along the beach. There are plenty of bars and restaurants to sit down for a bite while enjoying the beautiful ocean. If you’re going all out, you might as well rent yourself a beach bed and enjoy a good book for a while.