Kuwait’s Fehaid Al-Deehani Wins First Independent Gold At Rio Olympics

Fehaid al-Deehani.png

Legendary Kuwaiti shooter Fehaid al-Deehani won the gold medal after beating Italy’s Marco Innocenti 26-24 in the final of the double trap shooting event in Rio. Al-Deehani was not able to claim the gold for his country however, since Kuwait was banned from participating by the International Olympic Committee back in October 2015 over government interference in sport.

This was Al-Deehani’s sixth appearance at the Olympics and he was one of eight independent athletes at the Games. After being the first independent athlete to win a gold medal in the history of the Olympic Games he said: “That was for my country, for the people who don't want us to participate in the Olympics, I'm showing them that we are here and we got the medal.”

Al-Deehani turned down the chance to carry the IOC neutral flag at the opening ceremony “I am a military man and I will only carry the Kuwait flag," he said. "I cannot carry the IOC flag."

Fifa have also suspended Kuwait’s FA from participating in the 2018 qualifiers for the World Cup.