Fall In Love With The Dutch Approach To Transport

Despite being a decade behind to join the “bike boom” in 1880s, by the 1890s the Netherlands had fully committed to two wheeling method, building the first cycling only lanes and by 1911, the Dutch owned more bikes per capita than any country in Europe.

However, after the Second World War, like many developed countries the motorcar gained momentum over the bicycle and became more affordable for everyone. There were a number of factors however, perhaps most famously the protest movement known as “Stop de Kindermoord (literally "Stop the Child Murder" in Dutch)” due to the number of infant mortalities caused by dangerous driving, which meant that the popularity of the bicycle remained despite dwindling in many other countries.

Making Cycling Fashionable Again

Everyone knows the Dutch love cycling (with more bikes than people), it has never really been considered as an “alternative” mode of transport, rather the presence of the bicycle is ubiquitous across the country designed for as well as laws implemented to encourage its usage.

The Dutch have inspired a new kind of bike boom, with the bike taking the lead role in making a “greener tomorrow”. The introduction of the so-called “Boris Bikes”, a bicycle hire scheme launched in 2010 in London to reduce carbon emission in the city was a huge success, with the record number of bikes hired in one day being 73,000.

The Flying Dutchman: The Classic Vintage Icon

The classic Dutch bike is now a vintage icon, not complete without a wicker basket attached to the front. Kristina and Harry are both self-confessed “bike people” who met in Edinburgh. It was their trip to Amsterdam however, that cemented their love of the bike into a solid business idea: bringing only “top quality, low-maintenance” Dutch bicycles to the UK.

The Flying Dutchman specialise in “family bikes” from brands such as: WorkCycles, Urban Arrow Family and the Dolly Bike which include special seats for your children, sidecars and even sets of pedals to put your children in the driving seat.

Family-Friendly Cycling in London

The National Cycle Network set up around London is a great way to explore the city and gets the children involved too. Sustrans, a leading UK charity, have put together a great list of family-friendly trails that make use of this already established network.