Encouraging Français Through Cultural Activities

"lost"   photo by  Tim Pierce   (licensed  CC-BY-2.0 )

"lost"  photo by Tim Pierce  (licensed CC-BY-2.0)

Children might not be as impressed by French artistic culture as adults, which is why there are plenty other activities for French expat families to enjoy. Other than enrolling your children in French reinforcement classes to maintain their mother tongue - even if it is spoken at home - you can find an array of more cultural activities through the Institut Français which will encourage the use and understanding of their language.

From September 17 to November 26, children will be able to enjoy Kid’s Tales, which are in easy French. The sessions are fun and educational, where children’s stories are read to your kids. For children more inclined towards cinematic sessions, the Institut will be offering Ciné Kids, from September 17 to December 4. Children’s films will be screening for kids and their families in French, English or French with English subtitles.

Children who enjoy reading the books themselves can also participate in the Institut’s Book Club starting September 20th. Children are encouraged to become expert critics in both English and easy French, whether it is for books, bandes dessinées or mangas. You can check the Institut’s website for more children activities.