Play and Learn: Preserving the Czech Language

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More often than not it is hard to think of places to take your children when living abroad if your aim is to get them connected to the roots of their country of origin while being a fun, friendly and open environment. Luckily for Czech expats based in London, their children can continue on their learning adventure of their mother tongue at the non-profit organisation ‘Czech Language Club’. As part of the London Language Studio, the club aims to preserve bilingualism in Czech-born, London-based children.

The club allows children not only to learn their language, but also to create bonds and friendships with other Czech-British children that will reinforce the amazing Czech communities that already call London home.

Whether Czech is spoken as a first or second language at home, the club aims to keep promoting the usage of it in your children, who will grow up as bilingual students and create greater chances when it comes to their careers.

The club focuses learning through play, which includes a wide selection of physical activities that encourage Czech culture, as well. The use of Czech cartoon characters is just one of the many ways their country of origin is preserved in the club.