Polish Is England’s Second Language

There are than 500,000 Polish speakers in England making Polish, England’s second language. This is incredible especially as the language was not even being counted in Ethnologue’s top 12 UK language report back in 2001.

According to Polish translator Anna Lycett, many English words are incorporated in business settings: “Mostly English is incorporated into Polish in business speak, so terminology used in the office would be English rather than Polish: for example you would go to a ‘briefing’ rather than use the Polish word for it,”

Learn Polish With Fun Kids Radio

With so many Polish institutions established throughout London and the UK, the language is kept alive and encouraged to be spoken at home with your children. Fortunately, due to the large numbers of Polish speakers in London, there are great resources to help your children learn your mother tongue.

Take Fun Kids Radio for example, with the support of the Polish Cultural Institute, children can learn Polish with a fun kid’s guide with audio visual support.