From Sports to Culture: There's Always Something To Do

Australia - Sports 1 (1).jpg

Family activities are oversaturated in London. There is something to do every morning, afternoon and evening in the capital for all types of families and all styles of fun. For Australian expat families looking for a little bit of home, there are quite a handful of options, as well.

Australian Rules Football has become so popular in the United Kingdom that London hosts its own league with eight teams in the Premiership. A weekend at a match supporting one of London’s AFL teams is a great family activity to enjoy. They are scattered throughout the city, for which catching a match of each of them would be a fun long-term activity with the family.

Not all families are into sports, for which a visit to the National Gallery of London to see Arthur Streeton’s ‘Blue Pacific’ - the first Australian artist to ever be showcased in the Gallery - could be a great day trip filled with culture, education and a sense of pride in Australian identity.