Which Famous Little Blue Exports Were First Created By a Belgian Cartoonist?

Belgium are famous for introducing the world to mouthwatering chocolates, beer and waffles, but they are also fiercely proud of a family of cute little blue dwarves. These little blue exports have since become internationally famous, starring in their own Hollywood blockbusters as well as selling millions of merchandise every year - but who am I referring to? None other that than The Smurfs, of course!

Originally created in 1958 by Pierre Culliford (more commonly known as Peyo), a Belgian cartoonist in his comic strip. His family of blue dwarves, known at the time as “Les Schtroumpfs” live in little mushroom-shaped houses in their fantasy land. Peyo used adjectives to describe the characters of his various blue creatures. Peyo admits that the name arose during a meal with a fellow cartoonist and friend, André Franquin, who had forgotten the word for “salt”.

What began as a comic and then turned into a TV cartoon series in the ‘80s, is now internationally recognised powerhouse; many people however, remain unaware of The Smurfs origins from Belgium.