A Celebration of Everything Arab

Every two years, London becomes home to a festival that brings the very best of the Arab culture to London audiences. The Shubbak Festival will be back in 2017, and it is the perfect place to take your family to submerge them in the amazing, mesmerising and interesting culture that comes from Arabian countries, including of course, Saudi Arabia. The festival brings together music, performances, visual arts, literature, talks, film, and many other forms of arts for anyone interested in the culture.

Additionally, families are a central pillar of the festival with many activities catering to children, teenagers and parents. The previous festival, which took place in 2015, had Arabic musicians and artists perform at the square outside Chelsea Theater for families to engage in, learn and enjoy. Moreover, a children’s workshop targeting literature was a huge success where children and adults had the chance to write their initials in the newest and most creative ways.

Although the program for 2017’s festival has yet to be released, events are similar to those of the past years and cater to all families who want to continue on with their Arabic traditions or have their children learn a little bit about the culture. Although it is not specific to Saudi Arabia, the country does participate actively with several activities that will have your children longing for home in the most fun, fresh and interesting way.