Totally Zen In The Heart Of London

Japan has the largest population of centenarians; it is therefore deductible that they host secrets to health and well being that the Western world needs to catch up on. Their diet is a huge attribute to their slim bodies and long lives, but it is more than that. Mindfulness, yoga, walks, and their traditional take on Chinese medicine also helps them lead healthier lives. Can you achieve that while being in the UK?

Kampo is Japan’s take on Chinese traditional medicine. Having created their own system of therapy, they take from China’s methods (such as acupuncture and moxibustion) but is primarily mixed with the study and use of herbs. The UK is a big consumer when it comes to Kampo medicine. In fact, there is a Kampo UK website that teaches you all about the practice and directs you with 12 registered practitioners.

Zen Yoga is another reason for well being of the Japanese community. Although its origins lay in Buddhist practices, Zen Yoga transitioned into Japan where it was modernised and adapted to suit its culture. Today, a handful of Zen Yoga centres are available in London for those in search of spiritual therapies and reconnecting with themselves. Zen Yoga is one option, while you can also find a retreat in Zenways.