From Traditional Inspiration to Modern Innovation

Japanese design is quite specific. From its traditional roots to its modern innovation, it is quite obvious when something comes from the creative mind of a Japanese designer.

For two consecutive years, the concept of ‘renewal’ in architecture in London has been a great example of modern design. T-sa, a Japanese architectural firm, hosts a forum (which is running until September 23rd) where emotion in architecture works as the sole focal point. The forum and workshop uses “alternative methods to drawing, collage and presenting” in an effort to bring a greater appreciation of emotion in architecture.

Next year, London will also be the base for The Japanese House: Architecture and Life after 1945. This UK exhibition will highlight post WWII Japanese domestic architecture. The underlying inspiration is modern and contemporary design. The aftereffects of the war brought on an urgent need to build new houses and structures, which quickly sparked a debate for family homes. The exhibition will present architectural projects from the past seven decades, as well as photography, art and cinema.

The Art of ‘Mitate’

You will also be able to spot Japanese ingenuity at the London Design Biennale, where Yasuhiro Suzuki’s installation which will urge visitors to take one long hard look at everyday objects and see them in a different light. It is inspired from the Japanese concept of ‘mitate’ or looking at things differently.