Sport is in Their Blood

Sports are an essential part of Italian lifestyle, without a doubt. Like with many other countries, Italian athletes have paraded through the United Kingdom looking to achieve greatness outside their home country. It is no secret that Italy’s national sport is football itself, like in many other European countries. In fact, the Italian national team is only second to Brazil for having won the most FIFA World Cups. Sport is such a big part of the Italian lifestyle that out the thousands of expats that now call London home, there had to be some sportsmen.


Perhaps Mario Balotelli is one of the best known Italian players to have walked the Premier League. He played in Liverpool up until summer of 2016. However, he is no longer an expat in Britain as his new club is located in France. There are others, of course. Such is the case with Simone Zaza, a striker currently playing for West Ham United. His life in London has been overwhelming, but he is slowly adapting to expat life, thankfully with the help of his teammates and the arrival of his girlfriend.

Fabio Borini is another long-time Italian expat on UK soil. The player has been in different English clubs since 2009, with a short in-between break where he was loaned to Italian club Roma. He now plays for Sunderland, and has obviously enjoyed his high life in the country with his supermodel girlfriend and his bright red Ferrari. Matteo Darmian is yet another professional footballer currently residing in Manchester and playing for Manchester United. He just moved to the UK in 2015, and has settled into his Manchester life quite rapidly.

Other Italian expat athletes enjoying the UK life are Vitto Mannone (Sunderland) and Stefano Okaka (Watford).