The Romantic Link to the Expat Life – by Amit Fraser


Why do people migrate to the UK?

We know the UK, and London in particular, is one of the most cosmopolitan places on earth, due to its transparent systems, its openness, its multi ethnic society, its stable economy and more.

Of course, immigration is a political hot potato at the moment, and one that many claim was tantamount to the result of the Brexit vote, but there is often one reason why people come to Britain to lead a new life as an expat, and that’s romance.

That’s right, people leaving their friends and family to be with their romantic, and sometimes life-long partner. I’m a classic example, and people love my story.


I’m an Israeli, who has lived in London for over eight years now, and only for one reason.  LOVE… I followed my heart to be with the man I ended up marrying.

In short, we met at the traffic lights in Israel, where my future husband, a British national, (although little did I know he was going to be at that point, of course) asked me for directions.  The lights kept changing, and I kept on explaining how to get to where he wanted to go. He had the cheek to ask for my number (we call it chutzpah), and it’s rather normal in Israel, as it quite an open society, and whilst we didn’t see each other for another 4 months, eventually we met up, and I went, metaphorically speaking, in his direction.

By the way, his boldness, audacity and ‘chutzpah’ is very much him personified, and he has his own consultancy where he preaches exactly that to and how one can succeed in the world.  It’s called Cojones,

Since I have been herein the UK, I have ridden the wave of getting used to a different life, a different culture, and of course, a very different climate.  

It hasn’t been easy, by any means.  But I have, through working in PR and marketing for a charity, and freelance, have made a life for myself in a country that is the polar opposite to my country of birth, and I consider my story a success.

I now help companies in Israel get a foothold in the British market in whatever product or service they offer, and actually have made myself in many cases, the first port of call for Israeli companies looking to market themselves here.

The lack of my friends and family back home, still makes it difficult sometimes, but as they say, ‘no rain, no rainbows’.  

It is fair to say, I am very proud of myself for having made such a huge step and making a good go of it. My husband and I have a lovely son and a good life here in the UK.

An amazing story for sure.  Many people I have met have also told me that they came over here because of their now, husband or wife, and made a life for themselves here.

I’m still very much an Israeli.  You can take the Israeli out of Israel, but you can’t take Israel out of the Israeli.  No doubt this is the same for you, wherever you are from, if you have made similar moves.

So, romance really did lead to my expat life.  And so it has and does for so many others, and with the right application, you, like myself, can make it work.

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