Sharing Culture and Celebrating Ireland in London

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Promoting Irish arts and culture is one of the London Irish Centre’s main goals. Irish arts span in a great diversity, but perhaps they are mostly known for their literature (Oscar Wilde, anyone?) and their dancing. The Centre has a huge cultural programme that covers from festivals to concerts, from book clubs to Irish dance events, and much more.

The Centre also hosts a large selection of art related activities, such as dancing sessions, short play festivals and much more to make sure that Irish arts are truly understood and celebrated in London. They aren’t the only ones promoting Irish arts in the city, however. Last year, London hosted the London Irish Art Exhibition celebrating some of Ireland’s biggest artists and their experience with culture, identity and creativity. The exhibition showcased all types of different artistic styles such as video, paintings, sculptures and photography. Both UK-based and Irish-based artists were celebrated in the exhibition, which pushed Irish artistic talent amongst London audiences.

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This year, the effort to promote Irish art continued with the Culture Ireland International Programme, which has brought a plethora of artistic events to different territories including Great Britain. This is to commemorate the centenary of the 1916 Easter Rising. I Am Ireland looks to represent contemporary, young Irish artists where Ireland holds important and key ties such as the US, Canada and Australia. Arts from literature to theatre, music to visual arts, and more, are being represented in these key territories. You can check the full Great Britain programme in their website, and indulge in a little distinguished and interesting path to learn about Irish culture and arts.