A Lot of Dancing

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The tight ties between Ireland and England have made it quite easy for Irish things to reach the British capital of London. This means that there is a whole lot to see and do that is related to Ireland. So whether you’re an Irish person looking to connect to your home country or a lover of Irish culture (who isn’t, though?), you are certainly going to find a wide selection of things to do - especially related to Irish arts.

First off, I Am Ireland is a Culture Ireland International Programme that is celebrating the centenary of 1916 Easter Rising, for which many countries across the world have been hosting Irish events throughout the year. Great Britain has not missed out, of course, and continues hosting events throughout the remaining of the year. Although Great Britain is a great territory, a lot of the events are being held in major cities, including London.

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Another great place to look for Irish-related activities is the London Irish Centre. They offer a wide array of dance lessons such as the Weekly Ceílí where you can learn the fast-paced dance and mingle with other Irish expats. They also have a Tea Dance & Social where people get together to dance to live music, as well as engage in friendly bingo and a raffle. The London Irish Centre also celebrates Black History Month and they will be hosting an array of events to celebrate the history such as workshops and discussions.

Throughout this year and next, Lord of the Dance, the Irish musical choreographed by Michael Flatley, has been touring and February and March they will be based at the Wimbledon Stadium in London. It’s an unmissable opportunity to see the amazing Irish dances that this man and his group have been performing for twenty years across the world. Get ready for a night of fun, music and goosebumps as you experience the amazing art of Irish dancing.