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I want to send a clear message to every European resident living in London - you are very welcome here.
As a city, we are grateful for the enormous contribution you make, and that will not change as a result of this referendum.

We all have a responsibility to now seek to heal the divisions that have emerged throughout this campaign - and to focus on what unites us, rather than that which divides us.

- Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London

Whatever the outcome of Brexit, London will always be open.

Regardless of what happens on 29 March, EU citizens living in the UK can apply for Settled Status from 30 March for free. To help you prepare, we put together a checklist of the documents you may need to apply.

Our EU Londoners Hub will be regularly updated with useful information and resources. Please share it with EU Londoners you know:

Many of you may feel uncertain - but the Mayor, Sadiq Khan, has been clear that EU citizens living in London belong and are welcome here.

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