“The One and Only” Hungarian Restaurant in London, and Its Competition

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Maybe the idea of enjoying a delicious töltött káposzta or a rizi-bizi seems like a foreign dream to Hungarian expats in London. But fear not, as the multicultural British capital has something to cater to everyone, and Hungary is no exception to this rule. The bustling city has a wide selection of delicious Hungarian restaurants ready to please your palate and tastebuds just as if you were back home.

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The most well known Hungarian restaurant is The Gay Hussar which serves the finest national specialities and the best Hungarian wines. It is located in Soho and its traditional décor and homey vibe are a perfect compliment to their already delicious dishes. You can find anything from a csirkepaprikás galuskával to a mouthwatering özpörkölt. Don’t forget the puddings such as de dobos torta or the mákos rétes. Their extensive wine list is also a prime reason to visit the restaurant.

Another option - although the Gay Hussar claims to be the only Hungarian restaurant in London - is the Rosemary. The Hungarian organic restaurant and café boasts Goulash soup, Tatar beefsteak, breaded pork loin, amongst many other delicacies from Hungary. With the growing Hungarian population in London and the growing interest in foreign craft beers, the city is slowly becoming a hub for delicious meals from outside UK’s borders.

In fact, the growing interest in craft beer brought a London Pop-Up back in April of 2016 where the focal point was Hungary, its craft beer, prime wines and Italian food with a Hungarian twist. Although the pop-up was only around for a day, it is likely to repeat at some point due to the huge demand it created and the amount of people that showed up wanting a taste of the Central European country.