Is The NHS Stealing Hungary’s Talent?

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The NHS’s search for doctors abroad is hurting Hungary. For the past six years, three doctors and two nurses have left Hungary every day for better opportunities elsewhere in Europe, according to János Bélteczki, head of the Hungarian Doctors’ Association. This brings out two truths: Hungarian doctors and practitioners are highly qualified and their services are needed in the UK, and Hungary cannot compete economically with other European countries to keep their highly skilled doctors at home.

Some doctors, however, have found the balance between both countries. British Hungarian Medical Service was founded in 2010 in London. Moreover, patients can opt for a combination of treatment in both London and Budapest. While they are keeping their competitiveness relevantly lower than other UK dental practices, their Budapest costs continue being an astonishing 70% lower than in the UK. This means you’re not only getting top quality dental treatment, you’re also paying much less for it.

The Medical centre hosts a handful of highly skilled Hungarian dental surgeons and cosmetic dentists who continue getting training in both cities for a better quality service.