Hungarian Genius In UK Business

Hungarian genius is nothing new to Europe. The Rubik’s cube, the ballpoint pen, the safety match and the Vitamin C pills are all Hungarian inventions. For years, even centuries, the Central European country has proved that it can succeed in business. Today, Hungarian businessmen, entrepreneurs and creatives keep shining amongst the startup business industry. Prezi was maybe the first modern startup from Hungary that gained international recognition going up against Microsoft’s Powerpoint.

What is happening now is that people are leaving Prezi with ideas and starting their own tech startups in Budapest. The problem is investment which is hardly found in Hungary; not because there isn’t capital, but because ‘smart money’ requires not only the investment but a full understanding of the industry in which it is being invested, the contacts and the portfolios.

Perhaps that is the reason they’re turning to London for capital investment. Tech events such as Smart to Future Cities, or TechCrunch Disrupt, are the perfect place for Hungarian startups to promote their creations and find funding in the processes. However, the Hungarian government is pushing for Budapest to remain the IT hub it is, and hopes to make it the startup capital of Europe by 2020. With the help of the Embassy of Hungary in London, trade and investment in both countries for both countries is becoming significantly easier. Thanks to this, many already established Hungarian startups are looking to London to open foreign offices and expand their businesses.