Héllo, Bárat

There were an approximate 30,000 Hungarian-born expats living in London in 2015. The number has probably risen since, given the ease with which people can move to and reside in London since Hungary joined the European Union in 2004. Of course, many Hungarian-British communities have flourished catering to the needs of expats in Britain.

The Balassi Institute (Hungarian Cultural Center in London) is a good place to start when looking to connect with other Hungarians. Their website details some of the most sought-after communities for Hungarian expats in the United Kingdom, although not all of them are in London. The Csillagszemüek Anglia Hungarian Folk Dance Group is a great community of lively people who want to promote the country’s folk dance heritage while meeting fellow lovers of the dance. With workshops in London, the group caters to 3 to 14 year olds to learn folk dance. They are also a great connection to further communities such as the Hungarian Families Group London, the Hungarian School Woking and the Hungarian School Southampton.

The Hungarian Culture and Heritage Society is another great place to meet fellow Hungarians. They promote Hungarian culture within the UK and support communities living abroad. They host endless events, amongst them many family-friendly for whole families to enjoy and connect with their roots abroad.