French Medical Clinic: Easing Migration For French Expats

With the growing population of rich French expats, many industry service people have started to cater to the community. Whether they announce themselves as Francophones or actually French, there is a growing demand for French services in London. French doctors are also relocating to London for several reasons. Not only is their work more valued in British territory due to the rarity of their skills (spoken and otherwise), but they also do it due to the ease of migration factors, the desire for cultural expansion and the ease of travel.

Whatever their reasons, there are plenty to cater to the French community in London. The French Medical Clinic in London is a private medical practice institution set up by Dr. Jean-Marie Sandor. Although not specific for French expats, it offers clinical services to those who feel more at ease communicating in French. For more specialised diagnosis, the Medical Chambers of Kensington offer a wide array of medical specialities in French. You can find a list of their Francophone specialists here.