Finnish Apps Conquering The Wellness Sector

For years, Scandinavian countries have flooded us with their products. From furniture to fashion, from architecture to literature. They are winning in many sectors. What is there to say about the health sector, however? Finland is innovating in it, that’s for certain, and although London isn’t overflowing with Finnish physicians, a great amount of Finnish startups are starting to see something in the health sector. These are just some of the tech startups from Finland that are making a difference:

Healthy Make-Up for a Healthy Life

For years, the idea of the amount of chemicals being put on people’s faces through makeup has been a hot topic. Cosmethics is a Finnish mobile app which analyses the ingredients of the makeup you use. Anything harmful is represented in red, and safer alternatives are put forward by the app. Allergies can also be controlled through the app by personalising alerts for specific ingredients. In fact, the app was launched at TechCrunch Disrupt London 2014 and has since become a worldwide success.

Baby Steps for Well being

Wellness can be a hassle to deal with. Leading such busy lives, who has time to stop and think about their well being? You-App simplifies this for you advocating for micro-actions that will make a change in your life in the long run. These actions are designed by real experts in different well being disciplines such as nutrition, meditation, and movement.

Backed by expert chef Jamie Oliver - whose voice will accompany you in the app - the startup has already gained international ground and does not plan on stopping soon.

A Good Night’s Sleep

A good night’s sleep is a great influence on health. A Finnish startup launched the Beddit Sleep Monitor which advises you on improving your sleep quality, as well as tracking your sleeping patterns. It’s been in the market since 2014 and the United Kingdom has crossed it off as one of the best startups to be born in Helsinki. In 2015, Beddit Smart was launched, and new projects continue being brewed by the sleep-well company.

Fitness Enthusiasts

Targeted at sports and fitness enthusiasts, Pulse On is an optical heart rate sensor which can be worn on the wrist. Measuring heart rate, users can individualise metrics and get feedback on their training process. It is born from the ashes of Nokia, Finland’s technology giant, and can handle various conditions.