Mexico’s First Physician in the Royal College of Physicians

Mexico has increasingly become a popular medical tourist destination due to its great range of talented doctors and surgeons in many medical fields. The notoriety of these physicians has caught the eye of many people seeking medical attention around the world and making a holiday out of their medical procedures. It’s true, there is countless talent in the medical field in Mexico and physician Dr. David Kershenobich Stalnikowitz is a testament of it.

Almost one year ago, he became the first Mexican physician to be formally accepted as an honorary member of the Royal College of Physicians in London. He is currently the coordinator of the Seminar on Biomedical Research in Mexico’s biggest and most regarded university, UNAM, where he graduated as a General Doctor, as well. He completed his Doctorate in Medicine from the University of London later on and over 500 publications on the study of hepatic illnesses are a testament of his talent and intelligence in the field.

The award, which carries a great significance in the medical research industry, was granted to Dr. Kershenobich after a fellow Mexican scientist, Dr. Alejandro Madrigal, nominated him for it. Dr. Madrigal is another example of the excellent level of medical staff Mexico hosts, being widely recognised in the field of stem cell transplantation and having been awarded by the Mexican government for his work, research and breakthroughs.