Relax With A Swedish Massage

Anyone who has ever visited a spa for a massage has probably received a Swedish one. It is the most recognised category of massage and its intensity can vary from very light and relaxing to vigorous and deep. In the early 19th century, Per Henrik Ling, a Swedish physiologist, introduced a system at the University of Stockholm known as ‘medical gymnastics’, later renamed to ‘Swedish movements’. This is the origin of the Swedish massage as it is known everywhere outside Sweden, where it is known just as a classic massage.

The massage has proven to reduce pain, joint stiffness and has also shown to improve patients with knee problems. It being the most common form of massage, it is something readily available in the United Kingdom. From the most luxurious spas to the more affordable ones, Swedish massages are a must on everyone’s menu. Aveda Institute in London offers top relaxation through a mixture of Swedish and deep tissue massages designed to reduce muscular tension in the body. Urban Massage is an app where you can get the best masseuses to visit you at your house, hotel or office when in need of a massage. Their certified workers are trained with Swedish techniques to alleviate tension and decrease toxins in the muscles.