Lack of British-trained Medical Staff is an Opportunity for Foreign Nurses and Doctors

In general, Europe is highly lacking in skilled and talented professionals in the medical field. The financial crisis that hit the continent has had the few medical professionals grasping for air in the hopes to carry on with their careers somewhere that actually pays them enough. With the NHS having staffing problem, Portugal (and Spain) seem to be the best options to find clinicians and other medical staff. Back in 2013, over one thousand nurses were hired by the NHS from Spain and Portugal, over ten times as much as in the previous five years.

It makes sense for Portuguese medical professionals to agree to opportunities in the UK; salaries are higher, the lifestyle is better, and their careers have greater chances of expanding than they do back at home. Portuguese clinicians are being offered between 6,500 and 8,000 euros at English public hospitals. Companies such as GlobalMediRec have been hard at work in the past decade to bring opportunities to overseas doctors in the UK with attractive salaries, year-long contracts and by handling all the bureaucracy that moving to another country requires. This opportunity arises from a deep problem in the UK, where there are not enough nurses trained in Britain to meet the demand necessary.

Whether this problem is improving or getting worse as time goes by is yet to be seen; in the meantime, recruiting foreign medical staff continues to be one of the NHS’s biggest goals. This also helps cater to a broader community since their staff is now bilingual in a plethora of languages.