A Tobacco Free Generation

It may come as no surprise that the the United Kingdom and Norway have long been at work individually to enhance health for their nationals; but it should also come as no surprise that working together brings relevant benefits, as well. This year’s World No Tobacco Day had the World Health Organisation urging countries to implement plain packaging on tobacco products. Although tobacco companies have filed suits against the government to stop this, they have never been successful. The Norwegian Minister of Health, Bent Høie, presented Norway’s initiative to implement plain packaging, something that the United Kingdom has done previously and succeeded at.

In fact, at the conference and press briefings, Sarah Gillett, British ambassador to Norway, was also present to encourage Norway’s new initiative and brief them on what has worked for the United Kingdom and what hasn’t. It isn’t the first time Høie heard what Britain has done for plain packaging. Earlier this year, he met with the UK Minister of Public Health, Jane Ellison, to hear the plan that the UK utilised to introduce this new measure back in May. The push behind this movement is a tobacco free generation in the future, and the idea is to ban commercials, as well. With the UK sharing their experience and working hand-in-hand with the Norwegian Ministry of Health, many things can be done in the future to end it. With over 9.4 million adult smokers in the UK, these new preventive measures will not only cause an effect on UK-born adults, but also UK-based expats. If the expats’ country of origin is also doing something to change the way tobacco is perceived, chances are, there will be a greater impact.