A Crisis Turned Into An Opportunity

Unsurprisingly, Spain’s economic crisis hit hard in many aspects. This might have been an increasing opportunity for the UK’s National Health System (NHS), but it reflected a sad financial crisis in the eurozone. Starting in 2012, the crisis left many doctors struggling to find employment, so they turned to where opportunities were up for grabs; mainly the UK. In fact, in that first year of financial crisis, the number of Spanish registered doctors in the United Kingdom increased by a whopping 28 per cent. To this day, Spain continues being one of the top five countries with the most doctors hired by the NHS.

It is actually believed that the shortage of doctors in Spain may be caused by the migration to the United Kingdom. In recent years, Spain has suffered lowering populations of medical staff and has offered overseas students opportunities to grow in the medical field within their country. Perhaps better salaries and working conditions in the UK - added to the financial crisis - is one of the main reasons why doctors flee Spain. Although this is a huge problem for Spain, the UK is thriving in this opportunity, as their particular shortage of medical staff is being replaced by a wide array of foreign doctors looking for a life in British territory. Back in 2014, Europe’s sixth most in demand profession was the healthcare workforce. The conditions in Spain are not getting better, and in 2013, over 2,000 medical doctors applied for certification to work abroad. While a lot of these would love to start a life outside Europe, the ease with which they can move across the European Union has them settling for life within the same continent but outside their country’s borders.