France’s Sixth Biggest City

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Is it true that London is France’s sixth biggest city? We would dare to say yes. With approximately 400,000 French people calling the United Kingdom home - most of them residing in London - the French community is one of the largest expat groups in the city. Whether you’re a francophile or a real French person, there is a lot of French stuff to get up to in the city, in the company of a tres, tres grand community.

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According to a French restaurant owner, South Kensington is very French due to the large amount of expats that move there. She says it is obvious in her clientele, which is now half French. Everyone seems to agree that South Ken is the place to be if what you want to be is French, but expats are making their way to other parts of the city as well, making it hard to pinpoint an exact place to be as French as you can.

Theatre, Wine and Walks

The easiest way to find a French community is probably through the Institut Français. Its cinema club, language classes and fun nights out (remember, the French love some wine), it is the perfect place to meet other fellow francophiles or fellow countrymen.

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There are other places to meet the growing community such as the Apéroblog London, where French bloggers get together to share ideas, innovate and drink; Excuse My French, which is an entertaining French comedy production company is also a great way to meet other Frenchies in London.

There are also French walks in the countryside, where anyone from around the world is welcome, while most who join seem to be from le pays du fromage. There are little excuses to not be as French as you can in this bustling multicultural city. If you somehow manage to avoid all things French, you’re not enjoying the city at its best.