Every Sport is Good Enough for France

France’s most popular sport, like many other European countries, is football. The country has hosted large events like the FIFA World Cup and has participated in almost every World Cup since its inception. In fact, it stands as the 7th best team in the world. The French League is one of the most important ones around the world, with teams such as PSG representing the country in tournaments like the Champions League. The country is a huge exporting port for the Premier League. Many French footballers have work jerseys from the British league, and have shined with their teams.

Didier Deschamps is the current national team coach, but back in his time as a player he proudly wore Chelsea’s jersey. Lassana Diarra played for both Chelsea and Arsenal during his peak time on the field. One of the most popular players is Olivier Giroud who shined with the National team this past Eurocup, and also stands out in Arsenal since his 2012 signing. Thierry Henry is perhaps the most well-known French player in the Premier League. Having played with Arsenal during 10 interrupted seasons, he won two Premier Leagues and three FA Cups. Paul Pogba and Dimitri Payet are other examples of the quality football level the French export.

Beyond Football

However, France is more than just football. Basketball, cycling, rugby and even horse racing are some of the most popular sports in the country. The Tour De France is one of the most popular cycling races and it continues being the most important events worldwide. In fact, the first ever documented cycle race took place in France. The triathlon is another French invention that has found its way to other countries and even the Olympic Games. Even some of the biggest tournaments and sporting events are French such as the World Cup, the Euro Cup and the Summer Olympic Games (we can thank Pierre de Coubertin for that).

Pétanque is an important French sport, and a popular export to other countries. The British capital hosts a Pétanque Club which gets together in Cleaver Square. The club is open for anyone wanting to give the sport a go. It is a friendly community of French and Brits that share love for the sport. Rugby is another important game for the French, and there is even a London French Rugby League which fuses different styles of rugby from the countries that play it most. It is mostly a social and friendly activity aimed at creating bonds between the British and French community through sport.

It would take forever to list the amount of great sportsmen that the country has exported elsewhere and that it has launched to worldwide fame and glory. The French are very keen on sport and passionate, to say the least. In London, most French expats are hardcore sporting fans and whether it’s the French League, the Champions League, the Tour De France or some national basketball game, you are sure to find them at some bar cheering or otherwise for their team.