From Classic to Modern: The Creative Genius Of French Design

More than a country that exports fine wine and delicious cheese, France is a top contender in the rise of modern architecture and design. The country’s older architecture has been a huge influence on contemporary architects and designers. The Gothic movement and other Renaissance styles were first born in France and quickly spread across Europe giving us some of the most outstanding architectural marbles in the continent. However, more modern times can also thank France for the contemporary touch we all love today. Art-deco became popular in the early 20th century and has since inspired all disciplines of design, from architecture to ornaments to furniture and fashion.

Some of London’s most iconic buildings may not have been built by French architects themselves, but drawn inspiration from La France’s inventions. The Southgate Station, for example, is a beautiful art-deco building in London. However, there are places of today’s emerging French designers. The London Design Festival is just one of the many stages for designers to showcase their work. In fact, during the festival, there will be a French Design Trail London, where 15 French showrooms will offer a chance to explore the creative genius of a range of French designers across London.

100% Creativity from France

100% Design is one of the many events for industry professionals in the United Kingdom. As always, France is no stranger to exhibiting here. This year, two French designing companies will be present: Lux’Ellence, a furniture design brand by artist Maxime Senes, and Designheure, which is a publisher of contemporary lighting.