Discovering Italy Through Your Stomach


There is no need to break out your savings to travel to Italy for fine Italian cuisine. London is awash with restaurants offering the very best pastas and other regional crafted dishes that will bring a party to your taste buds. Italian food is globally recognised and it is perhaps one of the most sought-after foods worldwide. Luckily for everyone, ‘Little Italys’ are often popping up in major cities, and the British capital is no exception to this.

Many Italian chefs have migrated from Italy to London, setting base and bringing the taste of their country to the city. Antonio Carluccio was one of them. Not only was he an Italian chef, he is also a food expert, no less, and the proud owner of Carluccio’s in the city. Sadly, Antonio has past on, but his restaurants throughout London are still thriving as they have since 1975.

Carluccio isn’t the only Italian London-based chef. Perhaps the name of Francesco Mazzei rings a bell. He is the chef patron at Princi, where he has created a menu that is sophisticated and delicious all at the same time. Mazzei moved to London from Rome when he was 23, and although he struggled at first - after all, life in London was expensive and he was barely a young man -, he realised that London was a great place for Italian chefs who were ready to offer the best quality food. It seems as though Italian food went quite unnoticed for a few years in the late 1990s, especially because it was hard to find the original Italian produce in England. Mazzei did his bit by cooking with English produce. His creations earned him his fame, which is why he’s such a renowned chef nowadays.

For Families of Foodies

Of course, it isn’t only about the Italian chefs - it is also about the Italian experience. Italian food festivals are not an uncommon sight throughout London, celebrating the world heritage cuisine that this Mediterranean country has brought into everyone’s lives. There are events fully dedicated to discovering the finest Italian food and beverages, such as Welcome Italia. The fair has hundreds of aromas and flavours floating through the air waiting for families of hungry foodies to devour them. Recognised Italian chefs are often present with cooking shows, sharing their kitchen secrets and some delicious recipes for people to try at home. Fairs such as this one are often organised by the Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the UK in an effort to continue sharing Italy’s heritage abroad.