Where to Find Authentic Japanese Food

It is rather common to find Japanese food literally everywhere. Sushi, yakimeshi rice or makis are often restaurant’s main menus. However, London hosts an array of restaurants with authentic Japanese food. Granted, this isn’t Japan, but it’s London and it gets pretty close to the motherland.

Atari-Ya is a provider of Japanese products for cuisine, and has a Sushi Bar of its own. They boast of serving the best sushi and sashimi for the customers and guarantee freshness and a lot of taste. Another highly regarded Japanese restaurant is Edo, serving bento meals, sushi, teppanyaki, rice and many other delicacies.

Now if what you’re after is not just a culinary gastronomical experience, but also a bit of culture, you can find so at the Matsuri Festival where you will be able to taste some of the most delicious Japanese dishes and drinks as well as bathe in an incredible wealth of culture.

Cheer with Sake

Sake is Japan’s most exported drink, and London has a handful of bars with it on its menu. Shoryu Ramen is a Japanese restaurant in Soho that offers over 80 varieties of sake and sake-based cocktails. Accompanying the refreshing drinks with a ramen noodle bowl can only make the experience better. Another option for Japanese beverages is Shochu Lounge which serves, funnily enough, shochu. The decor at this intimate restaurant is low-lightning and deep red, so if you’re trying to impress your date with your culture, this is the place to go.